This collection of short stories, poems and illustrations imagines the life of Monga Khan as an Aussie folk hero.

  • 11 Short stories and poems

  • 24 Illustrations

  • 36 contributors in total

  • 140 Page PDF

This project began in the beginning of 2016 with 1000 posters of Monga Khan being stuck up all over Australia. Born in India, Monga Khan lived, worked and died in Australia. His photograph is kept in the Australian National Archive with his application for exemption to the white Australia policy.

Thanks to all the contributors:

Royce Kurmelovs, Anne Waters, Nici Cumpston, Manal Younus, Kavi Guppta, Elizabeth Flux, Lindsay Nightingale, James Roy, Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, Ena Grozdanic, Laurie May, Hop Dac, Kerri Ann Wright, Andrea Smith, Julian May, Dave Court, Tom Gerrard, Alasdair Mackinnon, Gabriel Cunnett, Freda Chiu, Kyoko Imazu, Rosie Turner, Joel Matheson, Gabriel Cole, Owen Foley, Paul Kisselev, Penny Ferguson, Yan Yan Candy Ng, Jake Holmes, Alice Lindstrom, Alexis Winter, Jake Bresanello, Minna Leunig, Amanda Ng, Emily Nelson, Lucas Grogan,